Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wow, I am shattered. Since I returned I have not stopped. I have been making repairs to kitchens, fitting kitchens, lining dung houses with plastic, trying to fix leeks and much more.
My lovely daughter has now got a job and we are all over the moon for her. We are sure she will be a great success. Good luck POPS!!
Last night went to a firework party at some friends and spent the evening after the display eating and drinking. It was very nice to be part of their company after being away on and off and not seeing them. I must confess to drinking much too much wine but was in full control; at all times......honest.
I am not sure I like fireworks. What a waste of money. A nice spectacle to watch but all that money literally going up in smoke!!!! Still a few hundred people enjoyed the half hour display so joy was the order of the night. We have a busy week ahead so I will keep the news coming.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Well here I am, back again after another cruise around the world. This time I flew out to Abu Dhabi to join the Regent Seven Seas Voyager. This is a lovely ship, a little larger than my usual ships with a capacity of 750 passengers plus crew but on this occasion it had just over 500 in each of the two segments that I sailed in. The first segment saw us sail from Abu Dahbi to Mumbai. We called at Farajah before two sea days to Mumbai. I performed one Comedy Cabaret in this segment on one of the sea days to great success.
The ship was a mix of Americans, Canadians, Brits and a few other nationalities including Mexicans, French and more. All were very friendly and receptive to me and gave me very warm applause which continued into the second segment as well.
Mumbai was my second time around, the first left a very emotional memory and the second an even deeper memory and experience.
On a tour into the back street markets we (passengers and I) saw some terrible sights. So much so I was actually upset. One place was a cow sanctuary where they take any stray cows off the streets and keep them in sheds of a sort to look after them. That was just one side to the sanctuary as on the other there was a man cleaning cow mess off the floor of one of the sheds with bare feet and hands and a small piece of wood. Sitting in the dung!!!!!!
Then on the other side of the courtyard area there was a man cooking some food in two huge pots in the open air. As he stirred the place was swarming with flies from the heat and flies were going into the pot and getting stirred in. Two little girls sitting around were eating sweets and they to had flies buzzing and landing on them around their mouths and eyes and hands etc. It seemed as thought the cows got preference over the people. Outside on the streets were the usual beggars but one of the most upsetting types I have ever seen was a man who literally had no arms or legs just his upper body. He was placed on the road unable to move in strong sunlight and an intense heat. It really sobers the mind!!!!!!! It made me feel so sad!!!!!!!!! Mumbai this time was so different, I still liked it but boy it brings things home. More people should see this and they might change their attitudes to the world. I was very moved by it.
After Mumbai we went to Kochin where Regent had organized a boat race in the countryside between several villages all competing for the Seven seas Trophy. These villagers raced down the river in long boats with 100 men in each. As they raced there were four or five who were standing beating the rhythm of the oar strokes on the boat. It was all very exciting with with two passengers with whom I had sailed with before, over two years ago on another Regent Ship, placing a small $1 wager on the winner. I chose the greens who eventually won. I took an immense $3. All a bit of fun.
Then the ship sailed for the Maldives where I disembarked. Over all I performed two Comedy Cabarets in the Theatre and a Close Up Magic show plus as a panelist in the Liars Club. All very well received. I look forward to performing again on this ship or indeed any of the Regent ships.
I am here for the next week before flying to join a Holland and America ship in Peru. Before then we will still chat.