Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back Again

I am finally back from the last cruise. I did not post as the internet was slow and I would probably have paid the equivalent of my mortgage to post the daily happenings!!!!!!!!!!
I returned from Barbados in very warm indeed hot conditions to a moist Britain. The cruise was interesting from the point of view playing to a mix of British and German audiences but they were none the less successful shows. Overall the two weeks were an experience some of which can not be shared on line. I am off again on Tuesday to Abu Dahbi sailing via India down to the Maldives on board the Regent Seven Seas Voyager. I will fill in the blanks when I get back.
I can tell nothing has changed here because X Factor is still on as is Strictly. How much longer do we have to suffer these? Unfortunately I am only away for 8 days so I guess for a long time yet.
I did perform at a wedding on Friday in Egham and then Comedy Cabaret at the Southend Sorcerers annual dinner in the evening so at least I got in some practise before jetting off again. I wonder if the 350 F1 Marshalls will be on my flight? I will let you know.
Later friends..........

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 6

Well here we are 6 days into the cruise and I have performed twice or three times if you include the same show second time. First show was a struggle or not actually a struggle but a challenge. You grow from these experiences how ever ;long you have been performing.The Germans came in and then left throughout the show until there were just a few remaining. I had anticipated this but why come in at the start when they were told it was an English Comedian/Magician and the act would be in English. Never mind it is done. Today I performed Close Up Magic in the main lounge, which was a success. Intimate but lots of applause and laughter. I do enjoy the Close Up and the unrehearsed banter. Then afterwards the bar gave me a drink on them, an Irish Coffee, they actually paid for me as they like me. I was very touched.

The seas are rough today so it has been hard keeping up right and the motion has got to a few passengers and crew. I got up and then after an hour laid down again as it makes you very tired. My body obviously needed it as I slept for another 45 minutes. We now have another four days after this at sea, before hitting Antigua. Wish me luck on bumpy seas with a slowly warming audience. I think I am going to be asked to perform a magic workshop on one day so I will keep you posted. Can not seem to work up a real appetite on these seas but I can not last till morning on nothing at all. At least with the bumpy seas we have warm weather, which is probably not the case in the UK right now. Until next time………………..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All At Sea

Well here I am on the Marco Polo bound for the Azores. I joined yesterday in Tilbury, that Mecca of the shipping world!!!!! I am staying in a small but comfortable cabin on the Columbus Deck, starboard side. Those that don’t know their starboard from their arft it is on the right hand side and port is on the left.

This is my third visit on the Polo and if you go the very first blog I ever did you can read about my last adventure, which was appropriately called the “Last Cruise.” I say no more than read it….

I am scheduled for two 45 minutes Comedy Cabarets the first of which is this Friday, the same day that the ship reaches the Azores. My only concern it that there 600 guests on board of which 400 are German!!!!!!!!!! I will let you know the outcome of the first show. I have to say that on every other visit to this ship I have superb audiences but they have been 99% Brits so this will be slightly different. We gain an hour tonight and then for a few nights as we travel south. We do have 5 sea days in the Atlantic so that should be an interesting section of the cruise. I will keep you posted as the days arrive but in the meantime be well and keep reading my posts.

Monday, October 5, 2009

West Indies

Well tomorrow I set sail on the Marco Polo heading across the Atlantic to the West Indies. Ports of call include, Antigua, St.Maarten, St. Barts, Tortola, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, and home from Barbados. This will be my third trip on the ship o I am hoping the regular staff will be on board. I will be performing my usual 45 minutes comedy cabarets plus hopefully my Close Up Magic Show.
Then on my return I am home for just 4 days before flying off to Abu Dhabi to join the Seven Seas Voyager down to the Maldives. All in all thousands of miles and hopefully thousands of laughs.
As wonderful and as beautiful all these places are, I am there to entertain so that is what I will concentrate on. Give 'em some laughs along the way.
I hope to blog the daily events so keep reading for the updates and wish me luck.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bark Worst ThanThier Bite?

I have spent the afternoon sawing logs into burnable sized logs for the impending winter months. Now before we can do that we have to the Flu sorted for the wood burner. The point is, a lot of the wood we have has been harvested from old Leylandi mixed with Ash, Ewe and Hawthorn. The barks are similar in some of the tress especially after they have been left for years to rot some what. Why am I concerned? Well having had the chimney swept, the resin from the Leylandi is notorious for lining the chimney with tar, which is very hard to remove let alone the fire risk. This is why I am trying to group the wood so that only a little of the nasty stuff gets burnt at any time in amongst the good wood. We have also built or cleared an area to use as the log store. Now due to the fact that I am away for the next three weeks the log cover is a tarpaulin............ a nice blue one!!!I went to find a green one but the cheapest was £31. What a rip off. It is staying blue for the time being. Short blog tonight but watch this space for news of the upcoming cruises next week.