Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That's Life

The last two days I have entertained mentally handicapped children and teenagers at PASCO in Chichester. I have experience of entertaining this type of audience before and as in the past it always makes me feel very humble.
They adore the entertainment without question just pure involvement and enjoyment. When I compare these audiences with traditional audiences of children and teenagers without any disability I think to myself, how lucky we all are to be able to lead normal lives. The children at PASCO on the other hand could teach us something very important, humility, and love of life. The life they lead is normal for them but they radiate so much to everyone. Happiness, trust and openness and a joy for all they see and do. They don't ask for much but give so much. It was a pure joy to give something back. Thank you PASCO and have a happy Christmas and wonderful New Year.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Shows

Well here we are, well into December and the dreaded Christmas is nearly upon us. I have been surprisingly busy so far with some great shows behind me for grown ups and children alike. There are still plenty to go so I expect I will see and hear the screams of very excited children for a little while yet!!
I had to have my retested last week as I thought they were suffering despite only having them checked and new glasses in January. Well guess what? The had changed and I had to have new glasses, which I picked up today. Yank Hoodness I sid, itherwire I would provsbt be wettng a load of ruddish nos. Layer my grinds.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Is Coming

So here we are, 9th December and I am in the UK for the duration, no cruises booked until the New Year. I have already performed several times in recent days with some varying types of shows. They have ranged from nurseries to schools to grown ups. One was a 60th birthday for a person I had performed for on her 5oth.
It was a lovely day, with a nice venue, Sussex Pad, in Shoreham, where I performed Close Up Magic for pre-dinner drinks then around the tables during the meal. Following the meal I performed a Comedy Cabaret, which was very well received. I followed that, straight after on the same day with a trip up to Rudgwick, near Horsham, where I performed a children's show and then some mix and mingle Close Up Magic. The picture is me cooking a day after my long journey back from Santiago.......tired moi!!!!!!??
The next morning I was performing for the Early Birth Association, for whom I have performed for many years. That is a lovely occasion. A giant party with loads of children and their parents plus food and tea and coffee. A good old fashioned Christmas party with a special appearance by Santa!!!
Yesterday I was performing Comedy Cabaret for the Wessex Magical Association, in Poole in Dorset. A lovely crowd for a long journey down and back. Tomorrow I will be performing Close Up magic for the MS Society, for whom I have performed regularly over the years. I always have a great time there so I really looking forward to seeing them all again.
After the show I am getting my eyes tested again as I am suffering with my sight a bit. More on that after the examination. I also took delivery of a new iphone, which I trying to get to grips with as well. Watch this space for more news, Christmas is coming.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I thought today was Wednesday!!!!!!!!! I can not tell you what a blow it is to lose a day when you find out.
It was like my Grandad when he was on holiday. He sent me a postcard, which said, "Having a nice time, where am I?!"

It must be catching, more tomorrow, Friday???

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well I haven't blogged for a few weeks because I have been away on back to back cruises. First, as I reported, was the wonderful Regent cruise then four days later the Holland and America MS Veendam. This was a seven day trip of which five were on the ship and the other two travelling.
This was an adventure!!! I flew good old BA to Amsterdam then from there to Lima in Peru. A short 6000 mile trip. It started ok with a quick 40 minute flight to Amsterdam and then a two hour lay over there and a connecting flight with KLM to Lima. I was told at Gatwick that my bags would need to be rechecked in Amsterdam so I dutifully went to baggage reclaim to collect them. Nothing came out of the hole where cases come out. S**t I thought and went to the KLM desk to ask if I should expect them as I was connecting to one of their magnificent flying machines. "No," said the desk attendant looking at my luggage labels, "you will pick them up in Lima, be off with you," in a Dutch accent. "Are you sure?" I asked, "yes it says on your labels now go forth and catch your plane!!"
I did that as told and sat for THIRTEEN HOURS on the plane arriving in Lima around 7.00pm completely shattered for some reason even though I did not actually do anything!!
I waited at the luggage carousel for a while and then over the tannoy came, "Mr Worgan please come to the KLM desk, that's Mr Worgan to the KLM desk." I went and was confronted by a disheveled looking man in a KLM uniform who delighted in telling me that my luggage would not be arriving and was still in AMSTERDAM. No apology, no words of comfort just that. Well, we had a discussion about things, man to man. You know the sort of conversation you would have with an uncaring foreigner who has just told you that you are 6000 miles from home, about to join a ship for 5 days and perform two 45 minutes Comedy Cabarets, that you don't have any clothes or props. It was a loud conversation but fruitless. I was told that it would arrive the next day at 6.50pm, which was great considering I was sailing at 5.00pm. I went by cab to the ship where I poured my woes on the reception and Cruise Director staff. They lent me a T shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms so that I could send the clothes I was wearing to the laundry. Clothes being a shirt, boxer shorts, pair of socks and blue jeans.
Next day I went into Milflores and purchased some underwear and socks so that I could walk about without a strange smell for the next few days. Over the course of the following five days they lent me a dress suit for the formal night and a shirt so that I could perform my show in. Yes, despite no props,I did carry a few items in my carry on so I was able to perform one 50 minute show, which went very well indeed. As for my luggage, I never picked it up until I left the ship, when I arrived at Santiago airport it was waiting for me in Lost Property. A much relieved person was I as 48 hours later I was flying out to Miami to join the beautiful, MS Seabourn Legend.
This cruise left Miami and went for 28 days or so around the Caribbean down the Panama Canal and back to Miami. I was only on for five days but this to became seven!! I did my two shows as scheduled to very appreciative audiences and was due to disembark in Roatan, Honduras. This was all going well except for the day we reached Roatan. It had horizontal rain and no visibility, which meant it closed the airport, which in turn meant I could not fly out. So I stayed on the ship for a further two days, performed another show, this time my comedy Close Up magic and then on the last night a show for the crew. I eventually got off in Costa Rica and flew home from San Jose. Overall, if I was to be stranded anywhere, it was the best place to be, on board the elegant Legend. Only 160 passengers with 12 different nationalities but all very nice and very appreciative of my performances. Despite being two days late I had a great time.
For the rest of this year I am in the UK but hopeful of more dates for the New Year. I will keep up to date with my adventures in the UK over the coming weeks.