Tuesday, December 22, 2009

That's Life

The last two days I have entertained mentally handicapped children and teenagers at PASCO in Chichester. I have experience of entertaining this type of audience before and as in the past it always makes me feel very humble.
They adore the entertainment without question just pure involvement and enjoyment. When I compare these audiences with traditional audiences of children and teenagers without any disability I think to myself, how lucky we all are to be able to lead normal lives. The children at PASCO on the other hand could teach us something very important, humility, and love of life. The life they lead is normal for them but they radiate so much to everyone. Happiness, trust and openness and a joy for all they see and do. They don't ask for much but give so much. It was a pure joy to give something back. Thank you PASCO and have a happy Christmas and wonderful New Year.

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